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  CITY CENTRE OFFICE SPACE TO RENT Are you looking to expand your creative business? Need a city centre space to work from? The Playhouse has affordable Office/incubation space available to rent! Leases are available for 1-3 years at a minimu...
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'In the Name of Peace: John Hume in America' and ‘More Female Lines’

50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Commemoration Committee present two unique events at The Playhouse Two unique events will come to The playhouse this week as part of a citywide 50th Anniversary Civil Rights Festival. The events are part of a specia...
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Visual Voices of Norn Irony: Cartoons and the Conflict in Northern Ireland

What function does humour play in Northern Ireland’s conflict and divisions? Does it reinforce prejudice and stereotype or expose the underlying realities? These questions set the backdrop to an exhibition of cartoons, most of which were crea...
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Barefoot & Fancy Free at The Playtrail!

Liam Ó Maonlaí, Basork and Inishowen Gospel Choir join a creative celebration of diversity and world cultures   The Playhouse are going Barefoot & Fancy Free at The Playtrail with an action packed family fun day- featuring Li...
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Playhouse receives Community Relations Council funding for peacebuilding activity

“It is difficult work, sometimes dangerous and often thankless.”   The Playhouse has received a £102,498 Community Relations Council grant award for its peacebuilding activity. The Community Relations Council, through i...
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‘Theatre Peace Building Academy' launched

"It's unbelievable for me that I've sat in the room with, worked with, laughed with, had fun with, cried with, been emotional with a Presbyterian, a Protestant from the Shankhill and a cop..." Past participant Playhouse Theatre of Witness PLAYHOUSE...
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