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Playhouse outreach


"It's really good to bring the communities together through art because we can express ourselves" Young participant in The Playhouse Street Talk Project

Playhouse outreach

The Playhouses runs a large selection of socially engaged arts programmes, providing opportunities, training, guidance and experience for all types of artistic individuals and creative communities.

We work in some of the most divided and deprived neighborhoods in Northern Ireland, and we have a 24 year track record of using arts activity to promote healing, understanding, reconciliation and transformation between our communities.

Current Playhouse Projects include


PARTNERSHIPS are ongoing between The Playhouse and many local organisations, including RNIB, Action on Hearing Loss, Rossdowney House, and Foyle Disability Resource Centre. For more info email siuan@derryplayhouse.co.uk.


STREET TALK A cross community project involving young people who come together to address the impact crime has on the community. For more information CLICK HERE


THEATRE OF WITNESS WORKSHOPS Workshops and film screenings exploring and illuminating the stories of a range of people deeply affected by The Troubles. Please contact theatreofwitness@derryplayhouse.co.uk if you wish to book a workshop. For more information CLICK HERE


NO PLACE LIKE HOME is project about homelessness resulting in a live show performed by young homeless parents from the Shepherd's View Young Parents initiative. The show has been developed from the original stories of the young parents and their experiences of homelessness. For more information CLICK HERE


iREMEMBER A major European project which is being led by Italian partners, including one the largest University in Europe, The University of Rome. Other partner countries include Armenia, Romania, Spain and Portugal.The iRemember project aims to develop, share and test an innovative methodology for the teaching/learning of contemporary history. The project aims to enhance teaching skills through intergenerational management techniques, storytelling and storyboarding techniques and innovative technology. iRemember is funded by the Italian government through the EU ERASMUS+ funding. For more information email liam@derryplayhouse.co.uk or CLICK HERE

Playhouse outreach
These projects are made possible with the help of funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, The PSNI, Children in Need and JPaul Getty Jnr Charitable Trust.


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